Howard’s Unification Claim vs Known Physics

Howard’s “Grand Unification” Claim

7:09 I could have saved my mother, because the knowledge that I had, you know, I had the the grand unified field equation—I had already put that together and at at 7, 8 I was working with these things.

47:21 He said that Giordano Bruno was looking for that Grand Unified Field Equation and maybe one day somebody is going to do it, and when the do it it’s going to change the world. And I’m like, “Dude, I’ve done it! I’ve, I’ve I’ve got it here!”

2:28:14 …This is all of them coming around the Tetryen [sic?] at 120°. This is how they all behave, and this is the fractal because it keeps getting back to these four vortices [sic?] but now I want to show you after—let this go again so they could see it—how all of this this is the grand unified field put together….

David Tong (Cambridge)

Neil Turok (Perimeter Institute)

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Ed Witten (Institute for Advanced Study)